Monday, 11 August 2008

As requested, the Chelsea book

This post is for Joanne and Haberdawoman. I finally got around to photographing a few more pages from my Chelsea book. To be honest, this book is quite simple and sparsely embellished. The judges don't usually like messy inky look.
The pages are made by tracing around some scallop circle Bazzill. I then cut the circle into 2 and then cut one of the halves into two again. I have five sections in the book, each one started with the "Memorable" stamp and the title of the show garden I am focussing one. Each section is made up using 1 semi-circle and 1 quarter-circle in the middle. They are all sewn together using modified book binding stitches ( I say modified because I can't remember the correct way to do them! ). The cover was made using Prima's embossed chipboard. My scallop hand-cutting skill unfortunately did not stretch to chipboard.

Naturally I started with the "Best in Show".
On the 1/4 circle pages, I stamped journalling blocks ( embellished with stickle ).

But this last one is from the "A garden for George" show garden. I love that this garden is slightly whimsical, with a lot of colours containing a giant photo of George Harrison and even a temple.


kathj said...

Its very pretty!

shaz said...

You are very creative, you know I sometimes scrapbook too, but I am at a loss when it comes to creativity. My pages all tend to have the same design. But I only scrapbook when I am in the mood and that is like once in a blue moon.

andreabilich said...

Hi Ifa!
i bought "the scrapbook magazine" for the first time this week and your layouts jumped out at me - i really love your style and am excited you have a blog i can stalk-in the nicest possible way!
take care
in australia

4theprecious4 said...

Gorgeous stuff Ifa!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

the album is so adorable Ifa!