Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Duke and Duchess came to Cambridge

I was excited to see the date announced in the local paper of the visit by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I scoured web sites and read news papers religiously for the next few weeks to find out where and when. I contacted a friend to see if she'll come and gawp with me. We settled for 10am in the Market Square.

When I turned up at 10am, there was no way I could see her.  Everyone has turned up, lining up the Square. I am sure all the offices and shops have emptied out to the Square too. I managed to get onto the Square itself but with the market stalls all up as normal, there were not many places you could stand for a good view of the Guildhall. I resorted to standing on a disuse fountain in the middle of the square and managed to get this blury photo.

I managed to see both of them closer up when they walked from the Guildhall to the Senate House. The Duke was talking to everyone on my side of the road, got me very excited that he might get to me but they were told to move on just before he got to me. Boo! I only saw my friend after the group has dispersed.

I am loving the stickers from AC Soho Garden collection. I especially love the feathers.

Monday, 21 January 2013

A Day at the Beach

Fancy a day at the beach ?  Probably not right now. The new issue of Scrap365 came out last week.  I have been told I have a beachy layout featured...yay!

This is the first issue in the bumper, bi-monthly format.  I haven't seen it myself but here's a picture of the cover. I love that layout of the cover, sooo sweet. I am still attempting to do sweet, I have countless sweetness pinned on pinterest but haven't succeed yet.

Here's my layout, @the beach, with photos from our weekend in Cromer last summer.

What do you think of my fishies. It was inspired by the fish scale type pattern on this Studio Calico Heyday paper. In fact, Heyday is probably one of my favourite range from Studio Calico...I am still hoarding small pieces of scraps. Talking about small scraps, those fish are perfect for cutting out of scraps.

Monday, 14 January 2013

2013 Resolution

Happy New Year my friends.  It has been a few weeks since I blogged. I didn't get a lot of chance to be crafty or even sit at the computer to properly compose a blog post over the holidays.  Can you forgive me ?  Are we still friends ?

Have you made a new year's resolution ?  I don't subscribe to this "annual, make a promise and then promptly break it before January is out" event.  I figured, if I need to change anything that I am not happy with, right now is the right time for that change...not January the 1st. 

I am making one change right now, it just happens to coincide with the new year.  I supposed, you could say, I have made a resolution for 2013. This resolution was brought on by the January sales ( or we should now call it the December sale ). My resolution is, "No new dresses".

I have even made a layout about it LOL, I have handwritten my promise, my resolution. In some small way, if you write it down, it must be true mentality, I am hoping this will help me keep my promise to myself. What do you think ?  Am I deluded ?

I have a particular weakness for dresses, particularly from Anthropologie. All the three Anthropologie dresses featured in this layout have made their way into my wardrobe. Now I just need some appropriate ocassions to wear them.

Here are the dresses close up.

And the handwritten title decorated with butterfly sequins and sparklies.  Got to have some sparklies, right ?