Tuesday, 3 March 2009

First drive experience

We gave J a driving experience at Rockingham for his 13th birthday present but because they were booked up, he didn't get to do it till last weekend. He got to drive a Mini Cooper S around the roads on the Rockingham estate for 45 minutes. Well, not 45 minutes all in one go. There were 2 others, 16 year olds in the car. They took turns and did 15 minutes of left turns, 15 minutes of right turns followed by 15 minutes of parking. He had a brilliant time...I think all those driving games on the XBox helped. I was quite amazed that he managed pull away without stalling. At the end of the experience they got given a score sheet and he got a B for everything except for the use of rear view mirror for which he got a C.
First, he just had to pose for the official photographer but I sneaked this in.
Just to prove that he drove. He indicated.
and he turned left.

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