Monday, 7 September 2009

First day of school

Both of my boys are at new schools this year. J has just joined a 13+ intake so he is with many boys in the same boat. Unfortunately H has joined Year 6 at a prep school, all on his own. It is a tough year to be moving school as it is the final year of school but I know he will cope well as he is a very sociable and likeable boy.

I haven't done anything with their photos but here is another "first day" LO that was in SBM Issue 40. I wanted to take on a slightly different angle to first day by extending it to first week. J's school was part of the town of the same fact, the school was the town! School buildings were set out all over the town, much like a university campus. He had to do a lot of walking to get from one lesson to another. This LO shows some of the places he had to go and some of things he had to contend with. I have also included a map of the school and his prep timetable. He was very tired by the end of the week!


Sian said...

Very best of luck to them both, Ifa!

kathj said...

loving these layouts Ifa, the last one is just great.