Thursday, 14 January 2010

When are you too old to start something new ?

Is it true that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks ? I don't think so, which is why I took up playing the piano two years ago. This has always been something I wished I had the opportunity/inclination to learn when I was younger. I am not musical and cannot read music, H even go as far as saying I am tone deaf! LOL.

Two years later, I have to say reading the music is easy. The problem is my fingers are no longer nimble. I particularly feel this right now, trying to learn a piece by Tchaikovsky. Ok, actually I am learning 3 pieces by him. I started playing "A Sick Doll" which I love, especially the last dying breath. I really felt the emotion coming through, I said to my piano teacher Jenny, "The doll must be dead by now" to which she replied, "there is Dolly's Funeral". So I rushed out and bought Tchaikovsky Opus 39 Album for the young. And you know what, once Dolly is dead and buried ( with one big sob in the middle ), you go out and buy "The New Doll". The first piece and the last are ok for my not so nimble fingers but "Dolly's Funeral", I didn't know anyone could move their fingers like that required for this piece! Need more practise, I think!

It would be easy if I have young and long fingers like those that J possesses ( is that too many S ? ). He is currently playing his first Beethoven Sonata. I am a proud mum. He did and passed his grade 5 exam last term. Since then, his playing and ethics when it comes to practising has improved somewhat. I guess you could say he has matured. Here is a LO documenting a part of his piano journey. I am delighted that he posed at the piano for me to enable me to do this LO.
This LO is called "No more measles" but you might be wondering what piano has got to do with measles. Right ? It is just a phrase our piano teacher used, she described doing piano grade exams as some sort of long illness and now that he has passed, he is so over it.

Ok, the butterfly die cut sheet didn't come out to play. I am saving it for your visit Hilary, if you are reading. I did however blow out on the Sassafras products. I did wonder how many felted monsters I would ever use and I only have a couple left! The Anthem papers are just perfect for a piano layout.


Sian said...

That's a funny story really made me smile this morning. I think it's wonderful that you've taken up piano..wish I had learnt years ago.

Anna said...

I always fancied learning the piano when I was a child but it never happened ...
Love the LO Ifa - and I have that sheet of K & Co butterfly die cuts still to use too. Looking forward to seeing how you use it :)

Lynn said...

Ifa, I stumbled across your blog a few months ago when I "Googled" a layout for crossing the equator. Your layout came up, and I have loved your work ever since. Not only are your layouts inspiring, but your stories are so entertaining! Thanks for blogging.