Monday, 1 February 2010

A frosty morning

It usually takes us 15 minutes to arrive at school but this morning's journey took us 45 minutes. I hope J wasn't too late for first lesson. I was queueing for most of the four miles there but the scary part was the journey back. My traction control came on several times but the worse part was when an idiot on a bike decided to cut in front of me whilst I was turning down into our road. Some cyclists seems to have a death wish! Supposed I couldn't stop ? I also saw a car and several bikes stopped at one roundabout ( no serious injury that I could spot ) but I am guessing the driver couldn't stop her car ?

We had a sprinkling of snow on Saturday and the days have been sunny and frosty since then. Unfortunately, not enough to provide pretty photo opportunity! So here are some photos from last year. I made this LO for Scrapbook Magazine Issue 43.

Those poor horses provided a very pastoral scenic photo opportunity. Old house, old village ( we were fighting BT to keep that red phone box! ) and a day off school. I think everyone stayed home that day. The village felt very festive, everyone was out playing in the snow followed by lunch in the pub. I managed to use some "old" fabric tabs, I can't even recall the name of the company who made them. Are they still trading ?

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