Friday, 14 May 2010

My apron is finished

Or is it ? I am not decided! If I see a nice brooch, I might buy one to pin to it. And I might even get the bejeweller out...we'll see. I've downed tools for now.
Here it is again, modelled by me.

And a little close up.

In the end, I found a stash of fabric under the bed ( is that a surprise ? What would be surprising is the fact that I didn't go out and got some more! ). I am quite sure I will have to cut on the bias for the frill and I didn't have enough scrap for that sort of thing. Instead, the frill got a few patches to match the pocket. What do you think ? Am I sorted ?


Sian said...

Beautiful :)

Anna said...

Goodness, that was quick! Gorgeous Ifa! :)
(And I'm not even remotely surprised that you found a stash of fabric under your bed. It's exactly the sort of thing I'd expect to find under mine ...)

Sarah xx said...

Lovely lovely lovely!!
Too nice to use as an apron though!!! xxx

Karen said...

Wow, I love this it's amazing.