Thursday, 10 June 2010

Holiday photos

What ? Again ?

I go through phases. When we go on holiday, I tend to take hundreds of photos. When we put it all on the hard disk at home, the numbers can be slightly overwhelming. Can you remember granny showing you hundreds of her holiday photos ? Now, I never want to bore everyone with all the photos so I pick out something like 10% ( or less ) to post.

Which ones to immortalise forever (LOL) in my scrapbook ? I will firstly make a mini book. Or if I am organised, make the book before the holiday, take it with me, fill it with writings and stuff and finish with photos on my return. This will use most of that 10% selection. It also enables me to consolidate stories that I want to tell. I will also make 2-3 ( at most 5 layouts ) whilst I am still reminiscing and "in holiday mood".

And then many months later, I might look at the photos again, notice some new details and something that might spark my imagination.

One of the details recorded in my mini book was what the boys called the islands in Venice. We did a tour of Murano, Burano and Torcello but they preferred to say "Murano, Burrito and Tortilla". Obviously, most of the photos during the tour were of the boys and their dad so when I saw a photo of me on the hard drive last week, I decided to use it for this story. This photo was taken when we were just setting off on the can see St Mark Square in the background so the photo is "very Venice". Well, I think so. And this is what I made last week.

The next photo has no story whatsoever! Besides the fact that it was taken on our tour of the "Water Village" in Siem Reap, Cambodia in 2007. The river runs into Tonle Sap which is a vast lake that is so big, it felt like the middle of the ocean except the water was grey instead of blue! I love the rare whole-of-family photo, taken by our tour guide. So, last week, I also made this layout ( I know, half term was a slow week, wasn't it ? ).


Sian said...

Life is perfect? These layouts are perfect. You know how much I always enjoy looking at the little details you add with such panache :)

Ifa said...

LOL...perfect ? Every cloud has a silver lining, isn't that a perfect English saying ?

Alison said...

All beautiful layouts here Ifa - and look at that hair in the last one!