Friday, 17 June 2011

Play along to UKS Scrap Factor Week 9

I have decided to play along with UKS Scrap Factor this week. The challenge is to create unique texture on your page.

My garden is what you would call a cottage garden. There are a lot of plants ( or there will be one day!) jostling for space, there are a lot of colours and texture too...for me, the more clashes, strike that, I should say, the more contrast the better.

So taking the cue from my garden, I have gone for a lot of contrast and haphazard arrangement.

Firstly I created 3 circular focus points (3 to echo 3 photos) that will run through my journalling. I die cut some of those white grid thingy that also masquerade as non slip matting. I added individual Maya Road roses that I cut from a length of ribbon...2 textures, 2 colours!

Next, I cut out my title from that trusty, scrapbookers' supply, the pizza box. Maybe not very unique anymore now that scrapbooking supply companies produce alphas in corrugated card! I wanted the brown to echo the earth in the garden with flowers bursting forth in the form of some jewelled wires.

Lastly I sprinkled some clear beads and added drops of diamond glaze for some haphazard jewels effect...Monty Don and his Jewel Garden, eat your heart out.

You can see it better here.

But at the end of all that, it turns out I haven't used patterned papers at all! Do I qualify for next week's challenge, I wonder ?

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