Tuesday, 21 February 2012

We Have Chickens

We went to pick our chickend on the coldest day ever. The temperature in the village was -10C. This was what the row of horse-chestnut trees looked like, all white.

The chicken enclosure was still full of snow. The chicken coop is our Christmas present from the inlaws. A built the chicken enclosure to save the rest of the garden from the chickens. I helped with the painting. Everything wooden in our garden is painted in Silver Birch.

The chickens came from a farm in Bottisham.

We were taken into a shed with something like 200 chickens and we get to choose which ones we want to take home.

We stuck with our original list of a Black Sussex, Cambridge Blue, Amber ( though Amber in reality is completely white feathered ) and Goldline. A and H have been doing a lot of research and decided on these varieties because they are calm and quiet.

A canvassed for chicken names on FB. We started everyone off with Princess Layer and the Star Wars theme stuck. The theme continued with Hen Solo, Jabba the Hen and Boba Peck (Fett, the bounty hunter). Boba Peck was my own suggestion that was not very well receive on account that Boba is a minor character. Anyone has any other suggestion for a name ?


Lizzie said...

Wonderful Chicken Names! I especially like Boba Peck and think you should stick with it. Unless you fancy Princess Hennydala... But I really think Boba Peck is good.
What amazing snow photos - especially the trees. Worthy of a print on the wall!

debs14 said...

Looking forward to hearing more about these chicks as they settle in. Great names, and I think Boba Peck is perfect - no need to change!

alexa said...

Golly, that looks cold! Looking forward to seeing how your Stars Wars chicks get along in their new spacecraft. :)

Julia said...

How about Yolka?! Good luck with the chickens :)