Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Are you enjoying the school holiday ? We are having a gorgeous sunny day down our way. How about you ? But isn't it just typical, after a very wet Easter weekend! But I am not complaining.

Last half term, J dropped a bomb shell. "I can't really see the white board in class", he said. "How long has this been going on ?", we asked ? "For a while", came the reply. So I promptly booked eyes tests for both boys. "Make sure you use VisionExpress", said A, who is most experienced of all things eyes.

You see, A has had glasses since he was 7 or 8. He now wears contacts but without, he can only see about 3-4 inches in front of his eyes. On the other hand, I can see very well though I have had to buy a reading glass for my +0.5. I used to take the boys for their regular eye tests but since moving to Cambridge, I haven't got around to it ( nearly three years later! ).

It turns out, J needs glasses because he is short sighted. He needs it in class. He will need glasses when he starts driving. The surprise was H. He had a +0.5 in one eye which can sometimes give him headache when using the computer or reading. Using those tiny screens on IPod does not help matter either.

So there you go, I am now outnumbered in this household. Here are the boys trying their glasses on for the first time in VisionExpress. They were obliging(ish). The optician said, "Is it their first glasses ?".

Luckily J hasn't missed anything at school because he has good friends who would relate the content of the board to him. Big bonus too, for us, as both boys choose NHS glasses. But I must remember to take them for their regular eye tests.


debs14 said...

What a good job you took them both! I've reached that advanced age where I need glasses for a large part of the day now. The only time I don't need them is for driving! Lucky they chose NHS frames, once they want designer names the visit will cost a LOT more!

Sian said...

I've had glasses since I was 6 and TSO has followed in my footsteps. We are lens wearers most of the time. The other two have great sight - though this is a good reminder that maybe a check for TTO would be a plan before he leaves school. Lovely page

alexa said...

Super page, with those large and little glasses! Great story to scrap .. It was only when i kept getting things wrong in maths because I couldn't see the numbers on the board properly that anyone thought I might need some!

Anonymous said...

love the LO, If a, so much detail and colour. I must get myself to the opticians, too....