Friday, 23 November 2012

A Christmassy December Scrap365

Have you got a copy ? Did you see me ?  I wrote about my signature style.  This is the layout I produced.

It was quite difficult to analyse and write about your own style.  As you get used to doing certain things on your layout, you cease to recognise those features that to a third person is what make your layout distinctively you.  So if you read it, what did you think ?  Did I make sense ?

I scrapped an old photo of me with my boys. Now that the boys are teenagers and preferring not to be photographed, I am loving delving into the boxes of old photos. You might see more cutesy photos soon.


alexa said...

Hi Ifa - not seen the December edition yet, but I think I'd recognise your style ... I'd be saying something like:
- sophisticated use of colour
- clever design with lots of 'white' space
- splotches or splashes often pull the eye round the page
- journalling often handwritten
- pretty clusters of elements which hang together
Am I anywhere close? Off to see if I can buy a copy :).

Sian said...

I haven't been into town for my copy yet, but I'm looking forward to it :)

Scrappi Sandi said...

I turned straight to your article when my copy came through the door! You certainly do have your own distinctive style & it's one I admire!! But I can see how it's difficult to pinpoint, yourself, those 'go to' techniques that make your style your own...they become second nature! I love this photo of you & the boys...& so many details to absorb in the LO too!! :D

Ali said...

I adore your style :0) Your pages always look CAS but then you study then and see all those gorgeous elements. This lo is no exception....stunning!!