Monday, 3 June 2013

Lunch at Midsummer House

Lunch at another excellent establishment to celebrate J's end of exams ( well, most of it ) prompted me to make this layout about another lunch.
A& I took J to lunch at Alimentum last week. I love this place.  I said so to A, "because it is not pretentious", I added.  A disagreed.  He prefers Midsummer House, again because he thought it is not pretentious.  He loves the fact that you eat in the large conservatory of a house...very informal he says.  He has a point.  And you can see The Chef cooking, through a large window into the kitchen...that could have been a serving hatch in another household LOL. We've been to some special places to eat but never before has the chef cooked for us.  He even replaced one of the dishes for us due to dietary requirements. Special, who ? Moi ?
As was at Alimentum, lunch at Midsummer House was for three.  H elected not to accompany us.  He'd rather stay at home and eat beans on toast. It was a shame because on this occasion, we were celebrating our wedding anniversary. I asked a waitress if it will be ok to take a photo of a dish.  She said, of course and even offered to take a photo of us.

I did this layout for a post on Sarah's Cards. I went very white with a lot of die cut hearts as the base of the layout before adding splashes of colour.

This is the finished layout.  It was difficult to photograph...


Sian said...

There is something delicious about all that white. And maybe that's a good thing to say about a page about lunch!

Alison said...

Just so delicate and gorgeous!

alexa said...

It is lovely with all those pretty white delicate shapes and textures! Glad it was such a lovely occasion :).