Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Summer Camp

I was away in the Peaks for a week with "scouts" from school. I have enclosed scouts in "" which to me means we are not real scouts.  If we are not scouts, what are we?  Well, our group from school used to be scouts but two years ago the school decided to break away from the movement.  So whilst we do scouting type activities, we are not scouts.

I ordered sunshine and it was delivered. I wish I didn't. Walking many miles on the Pennine Way to Jacob's Ladder was not fun. But the boys encouraged me ( thank you Wolves ) and we made it.

When we finally got to Jacobs Ladder, it was nice to cool off in the river.


When we finally got to Upper Booth Farm where we were camping, we were issued with a 24 hour MOD ration pack. And we slept, sheltering under tarp. Damn those midges!

As an aside, thank you for all your warm wishes.  I know I am late announcing but I have been catching up on some sleep.  No excuse, I appreciate that. I did that draw thing where H picked a name out of a hat and the winner is CoventryAnn.  Ann, please contact me with your address.


alexa said...

Wish I'd known you were coming this way! Well done on the trekking in this heat - looks as if you gave the youngsters a great experience. Rest up!

CoventryAnn said...

Oooh, excited to be a winner!

If you e mail me on I'll send you my address.