Monday, 6 January 2014

Berlin Christmas Market

Happy New Year my friends.  Hope 2014 will be a healthy and prosperous year for you all. Is it too late for some Christmas lights ?

We were in Berlin before Christmas for the Christmas markets.  I think, on every square and at every street corner in Berlin, you can find a Christmas market. We started with one on Alexanderplatz...that was fun. You need to be careful not to wander into the path of a tram. They also have hot dog sellers that carry their carts.

The next day, we found another market, just the other side of the Alexanderplatz train station, right under the tower. We took a ride on the big ferris wheel. They also have a big skating rink around a fountain with a giant Neptune in the middle.

We had to pay 1 Euro each to go to this next market.  It had more artisan products but I am not sure it was worth the entrance fee.  Still, I believe the fee was going to charity.

This posh road had all the trees covered in lights.

We found this giant reindeer being ridden by Santa in another posh area near the zoo.

Not quite lights or Christmas market, I love this giant mural of the Berlin bear on one wall at our hotel.

We also did a tour of Bundestag, a walking tour entitled  Berlin behind the Iron Curtain and a guided tour of Hohenhausen prison. Watch out for some Berlin layouts...


Sian said...

I'll be watching out for some Berlin layouts, then! Happy New Year

alexa said...

Wow, those night photos are just stunning! Happy New Year to you and the whole family :).