Monday, 15 June 2009

Class #6

I didn't get the chance to upload this last week...had to dash out to get the boys!

For this class, Doris challenged us to use some acrylic which I have here in the form of those little stars from Heidi might not see it though as it is not very visible. I altered them by punching holes to turn them into buttons and threading a couple of beads. Doris also urged us to tear, punch, crinkle, distress patterned paper which I did very, very lightly as I don't like to get too distressed. Finally repetition I covered by putting the four similar photos side by side to look like a family portrait.

I had loads of those cute edging from Sassafrass scattered on my desk, unused, almost unloved, so I decided to splash out and use a few on this layout.

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