Monday, 29 June 2009

I will be missing for a while

We are moving next week and I am going to struggle to post anything let alone create any layouts...I need to start packing my supply. The packers are coming on Tuesday next week to pack but I am hoping to sort my stash so it will be easy to find at the other end. Packers usually just throw everything in a box which might mix stuff up but boy, they are quick.

In the mean time, I have a couple of travel layouts to share.

This layout features photos from the city tour of Prague. We were driven up to Prague castle where we had a walking tour, then back on the mini bus to visit that church with the doll, followed by a walk across the river on Charles Bridge to the big square for the clock tower.

This layout is about a stop we made at a curio shop in Kenya. We were on a road that runs parallel to the equator and all the shops have this sign up. If you stop, the shopkeeper will show you how the water swirls in different directions depending on whether you are in the southern hemisphere or northern. Apparently this behaviour was documented and named after a western scientist but the Masais have always used this behaviour to navigate the vast Mara for centuries. What was even more curious for me was to see that the water stops swirling when you are dead on the equator, under that vast yellow sign.

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missusem said...

Hi! Just discovered your blog via UK Scrappers :). Singaporean scrapper based in UK too (Aberdeen) just wanted to pop by and say hi :)