Monday, 7 December 2009

Christmas shopping

Are you done ? I am still at the early stage. We went to a farm shop on Saturday so the turkey is ordered. If nothing else, at least we will have something to eat LOL.

I placed a big order on Amazon last week but unfortunately it was sent to the old address. The good news is the parcel is safe with the courier so I won't be out of pocket. But due to this county not being covered by HDNL, the parcel is going back to Amazon. Next time I won't be using 1-click! You'd think we live in the stick.

I am asking for this,

Save 40% on the cost of a year's subscription to Scrapbook Magazine.

For a limited time Scrapbook Magazine is offering 40% off the price of a year's subscription. Scrapbook Magazine is the UK's longest running and number one scrapbooking title and is packed full of inspiring projects and ideas.

Subscribe to Scrapbook Magazine today and save £14.36 a year.

What do you think ? Isn't that a great price ? At least that is one less parcel to stay in to wait for LOL.

I have a number of things on at school this week. H is doing a christmas concert on Wed and Thurs so we are quite busy but next week A has booked a day off so we can go shopping together. Rigby and Peller has just opened in town ( complete with pointy bra!!! ) so I want to check that out. We probably won't because he will be dead embarassed.

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Sian said...

That 1-click is very dangerous! Great way to do the Christmas shopping though. Enjoy the concert!