Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A new scrap room in the house

I must be the luckiest person. When we moved to this house, we have a spare room that quickly became the scrap room designate. 'A' helped put up the shelves and the new lights whilst I painted the room.

The painting took a bit of doing as the room was initially lavender. It even came with an ensuite, also painted lavender with a purple sparkly floor. The room was decorated 10 years ago when the little girl it belonged to was just 7 hence the purple sparkly floor. I am not mad keen on purple so the first job was to paint the room something else. In fact, I tried various shades of pink but went back to my trusted "Croquet" from Crown. I have used this same shade in 3 houses now LOL. I am not very adventurous.

As you walk in, I have a dining table from Ikea sitting right in the middle of the room. This table is great as it is big and yet folds away when we have guests staying. The curtains were made 3 houses ago and have been altered along the way so at least that was one short cut for me. This room is south facing and can get quite hot in the summer so I might need to rethink the window treatment.
I have a sofa (bed) behind the table with some favourite cushions.
Against one wall, I have fitted some shelving from Ikea. On top of the shelves I have various boxes that I didn't get a chance to clear and sorted. Most should fit in the boxes down below. I am aiming to clear the top ( soon, I promise myself ). When 'A' saw this he said, "I thought you'll have some shelves saved for my papers". LOL.


kathj said...

I love it it looks great the sofa bed and fold away table is a great idea. wishing you many hours of scrapping in this room!

Sian said...

A sofa bed and an ensuite? Perfect! That's the kind of scrapping room I could do with. It looks great

Claire Crompton said...

Wow I'm so jealous. Enjoy.


nerllybird said...

Hi Ifa, had to smile when I saw your photos as I have also just got a similar unit from Ikea...altho it's just in a corner of the living room! I would like to ask you about something, I'm wondering if you would mind emailing me at hsalthouse@yahoo.com, when you have a moment! Thanks, from Helen x