Monday, 1 March 2010

Life changing choices ?

This might the first of many! J is currently in year 9. In September this year, he will start his 2 years of GCSE courses. Admittedly, in most subjects they have already started doing this but we have now been asked to decide what subjects he wants to do for GCSE. All the boys have to do the 7 core subjects ( maths, englishx2, sciencex3 and french ) and have the option to select 3 others.

Greek and Latin were the obvious options. He has been doing Latin for 3 years and does really well at it. I am not sure where he got this from because his dad hated Latin and got through 'O' Levels by memorising text for his translation exercises.

J's Greek teacher has said that J has a real gift for Greek and should he decides to do Classics, he would sail through it. Whilst J enjoys Greek, I think, the thought of sailing through something really appeals to him. LOL. His teacher also said that she is having to brush up on the Greek to keep up with J. Well, she is not the only one, I had to brush up on my maths to do a Cayley Olympiad paper yesterday but that is a story for another day!

The third choice could have been history (he would definitely get an A* said the teacher), geography ( he needs to up his game and the course involves doing coursework and field trips...yuks! ) or religious studies ( didn't get to speak to a teacher because they all left early from this department ). And he has opted for RS. I think this is a wise choice. I love how RS is taught, how religious believes aren't necessarily gospel and it is a matter of looking at a point of view from all aspects. I think a lot of good life skills could come out of this one...arguing a point and yet showing understanding and tolerance. Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all have this ?

ps: sorry, nothing pretty to share but my sofa came. I have some woodworming treatment to do on the frame but it looks pretty much like the a bird's nest.

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