Monday, 8 March 2010

Wishes do come true

Ok, slightly soppy today. Actually the word that came to mind is Malaysian se -mo-nel, a word from my school days. I am not even sure this is a proper word or even if it still in used. Funny how, being bilingual, some words come unbidden in one language and not the other LOL.

Right, back to the LO. This is for A, celebrating our 19 years together. I don't have a recent photo of us together so I've used one that one of the boys took during a holiday a couple of years ago. I know it misplaced the photo somewhat but better get the story down, is my mantra.

A has always been great at making my wishes come true, from the time he baked me a black forest gateaux over 20 years ago, taking me on holiday to places I wanted to go, nearly buying me a flash car ( but I changed my mind LOL ) to buying me a sofa to do up this year.
I have always struggled with black and white...or rather I struggle with black. So this layout is trying to conquer that phobia. I have left the Prima paintables pretty much as it is and didn't even used any other patterned paper. And then I introduced loads of colours using embellishments. As you know, I love to put loads of little embellishments on my layouts so there you go...the more the merrier.

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Sian said...

Aw, that's lovely Ifa! What a nice photo of you. and you managed to persuade me to get the Prima Paintables back out and have another look at what I could do with them :)