Thursday, 8 April 2010

Visitors at Easter

How was your Easter ? We've had 2 lots of visitors. First was Shera & Co from Oman. Shera joined TKC into form 1 when I was in form 4. She reminded me that she was my messenger to my pet sisters. I won't explain here, PS is too difficult a concept to comprehend if you weren't there LOL. So I haven't seen Shera since 1985 but you know what ? She looks just the same and I wouldn't have problems recognising here anywhere.

We went into the city on Good Friday but unfortunately, the colleges were closed. The BBC was at Kings recording the Easter concert.

Here we are on a bridge over the Cam, taken by Shera's DD2.

On Saturday, Nina visited with her crew. She is going back to Malaysia in August. Nina and I shippped over the UK on the same flight back in 1985 and now she is finally leaving. We visited a few colleges with her.

Here's Nina, having a little conversation with Darwin in the gardens of Christ's College.

And just to prove that the sun does shine in the UK.

And a little easter threat, the shop window of Ted Baker is featuring a large animated chicken, hunting for worms that pop up and down. The kids were impressed.

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