Monday, 26 April 2010

What a beautiful weekend

How was yours ? We were busy out in the garden. For most of the time, H and A were on top of the shed, extending and reinforcing the roof so that we can install some solar panels on top. H nailed all the roofing felt into place.

I had intended to do the cybercrop on UKS but it was too sunny to stay indoors for long. I did manage to finish a LO that has been lying on my desk though. I love these photos of J & A at Disney. They got delayed at the start because there was a group of less abled bodied drivers ahead of them. H and I managed to start without a hitch and finished the course (ahead) comfortably. We were sitting at the end, wondering whatever happened to them when they rolled up. But I was ready with my camera, hence the smile and laughter. I've called it "Sunday driving" because I found a strip of patterned paper with the word Sunday on it.

I decided to go light with the patterned paper which means I get to drag out more embellishments. But whatever am I going to do with all my patterned papers ?


Sian said...

Putting solar panels on the shed definitely sounds like the kind of idea someone in our house would come up with! I love the layout.

Anna said...

I'm loving your shed! It's just the sort of thing I fancy for the bottom of my garden (with or without the solar panels)
Love the layout :)