Monday, 6 September 2010

First day blues

My boys have gone to school and I am missing them. I am feeling the blues when I play "Jackson Street Blues" (Incidentally, that's the grade 5 piece I started at the beginning of the holiday and guess what, I had a lesson on Saturday and I've pulled it off! But let's leave that for another day ).

The house feels huge and empty without them. H starts at the Upper school today so with both boys at the same site, only one drop off point for me. There will be a few after school headache though but I am sure we will cope. The major point will be trying to motivate J to join more clubs! But we can't be too pushy, he has some IGCSE to contend with in June.


Sian said...

The house certainly can seem very quiet when they've gone! They both look very smart and I'm wishing them all the best for a successful year.

Alison said...

I am sure you will soon get used to the space and quiet, Ifa, and maybe start to enjoy it! I hope the boys have a great year at school and do well.

Sue said...

don't they look great ! :)