Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I am loving the clean and simple

Do you have one of this ? The teenage boy who grunts and umphs ? But I am grateful, because he also quietly gets on with life in general. And when he speaks, he usually says something worthwhile.

What about one who is sunnier but also suffers (ok, we suffer!) stormy bout ? But then, he lights up my life. He would also gladly pose for me for some photos.

Lastly a family trip to Wembley last year. What a goal fest that was and we were right behind the goal. I have also included a ticket from this visit. I keep collecting tickets and leaflets from our outings, I really must use some of them.

I have enjoyed hunting out little contrasting embellishments for each one. For the Wembley LO, it had to all be red. The little England flag is one of those embellishment for Crocs shoes. So what do you think ? Too white ?

1 comment:

Sian said...

No, definitely not too white!

Hehe, I have a teenage boy who would probably list talking as one of his hobbies. It's in the genes..

It is SO good to see your pages appearing again.