Friday, 9 September 2011

Embracing Technology

Even though I was a Computer Programmer, I am what you would call technophobe. Not anything to do with work, but more to do with gadgets in my personal life. I have a bog standard mobile phone, albeit with pretty pink blossom print and jewels. I try not to pick up the remote control, if I can help it. I avoid the Kitchen Aid unless I know I absolutely cannot beat those eggs for a cake ( though I avoid baking as much as I can ). Ok, some times I sneak a browse on A's iPad but only when we travelling because that is the only device around.

Now, don't get me wrong, I still prefer to read a real book! But I have "discovered" the Kindle. I am currently reading Conn Iggulden's Conqueror Series. I love that I can quickly purchase the next book in the series without having to wait till I am next in town.

Here's a layout I made about the books I read...with photos of some of the books. I have used loads of Crate Paper labels and cut out flowers from Crate's Potrait Collection.

I should make a technophobe layout too, shouldn't I ?


Sian said...

Yes you should! I'm a complete technophobe and I definitely love real books rather than electronic ones, so perhaps I should join you

Nat said...

My other half is an IT professional, so I have no choice but to constantly bare with new gadgets and gizmos and updates and! It drives me nuts I must admit. I love your page, especially the way you have used the little flowers as bunting :) xx