Saturday, 10 September 2011


What do you do with them ? I don't mean the precious, historical ones but those tickets, leaflets, postcards and maps that you pick up on your travel ?

These are just some of the stuff I picked up from our last trip to Denmark. My boys and A are very good. They always save these things for me. I have a few drawers in my scrap room that are filling up.

I do use them, some times. Remember the Wembley layout ? I used a ticket on that. And I cut out the ladies and gents from a Versailles pamphlet. Whale Watching was inspired by Dolphin Fleet's leaflet and a lighthouse on a crisp packet.

I decided to make an accordian mini book using a tri-fold leaflet from the Eiffel tower.

I used the leaflet itself as the base of my minibook. I glued a 6x6 black cardstock cover to the front and back.

The cover was made by cutting a 12x12 cardstock into four. I glued two together to make the covers thicker. For the front, I cut out a window on one cardstock to accommodate the plastic cover from a Crate Paper button pack. I carefully removed the plastic cover from the card back of the button pack and used these to contain a small display for the title. I added these to the front cover before I sandwiched the two cardstocks together.

Now the book contains a running commentary of what we did in Paris as well as some of the other leaflets we picked up.

What have you done with your memorabilia ? I would love to see them. Add your projects below for a chance to win a kit from Cambridge Croppers workshop. You have until the end of the month to join in.


Alison said...

I incorporate loads of memorabilia on layouts, and have made interactive pages, pockets for brochures and all sorts of things over the years. You've seen a very recent layout of mine, where I incorporated one of my sons' baby grows into it, by cutting out the emblems and some of the patterns.

I am very into keeping the memorabilia, and have also laminated newspaper articles and stuck those onto a scrapbook page.

Whatever works, I say!

Anonymous said...

I love the way you've used the packaging - great idea!

alexa said...

Lovely idea - I have used maps of walks as a basis for a page and added photos round it ...

Hilary J said...

Here's mine from a recent visit to Wyken Hall, near Bury St Edmunds

Karen said...

I love this idea of using the brochure - I hope you dont mind if I use it xx

I used to think "who keeps all these bits and pieces?" but now it's me !!