Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Bad boys at the Museum

Why did you write "Bad" on a board and held it up to be photographed ? Should have known, A did it and photographed the boys holding the boards. This photo was taken in the Children Museum at the National Museum in Copenhagen.

This layout was done for Sarah's Cards October Challenge. Do join us for a chance to win £20 to spend in the store.


Lizzie said...

That's a fun page. Love all the little bits and pieces and the zingy colour scheme.
Of course, anyone who gives 2 boys a chalkboard each - and with the word "Bad" on it - then expects them to pose for a photo, deserves all she gets... Someone will always mess around (prob. both of them); someone will always hold it upside down. You can't win - you just have to snap them and use the least goofy picture! That's a good photo though and I love the boys' expressions.
Fun page, Ifa. I like it very much.

Lizzie said...

Sorry did I say "deserves all She gets?" Duh!

alexa said...

A super page! Love that handwriting in different colours - the whole mood captures the tongue in cheek title!