Friday, 21 October 2011

Report from Camp

H is due to go to Winter Camp in a few days so I thought I had better record his summer camp stories before they get all muddled up in the next installment.

Unlike J, H is always full of stories of his adventure though J is getting better. In fact J is probably the most animated about his camp trips. Anyway, today you get to hear about H's trip.

H went to Somerset for about 10 days last July with over 100 boys and some girls. They packed a lot of activities in those days. H spent a lot of time sleeping on his return.

I wrote on the layout :-H, aged 12 of the Water Buffalo patrol, your IPod got seriously soaked, you did cliff jumping, into the sea. You did sea kayaking, you surfed (ish) and you sailed but mostly, you walked. You had an overnight hike. Luckily your pack wasn't too heavy. You ate a clove of garlic because you were very hungry, you ate the dough because the bread was never going to cook. You must have been hungry to eat fish and chips which ended up making you sick.

I have used a lot of Amy Tangerine...I adore those tapes. Inspired by the typewriter and reporters, it is called Report from Camp.

I did this layout for Created by ATDML Thirsty Thursday, playing with the letter G...G for Games and all things ourdoorsy.


Sian said...

Lol! I can remember when I went to Guide Camp I ate raw sausages because I was so hungry (wish I had a layout as nice as this one to commemorate it too!)

alexa said...

What an imaginative way to record his trip - all those little details which could have been forgotton. Your eye for colour and shape is just perfect.

Ann Freeman (mafswife) said...

Great take on the Thirsty Thursday challenge and I love your page!
Thanks for joining in!