Saturday, 17 December 2011

Having Butterflies

A layout to commemorate my piano exam last week. Or should that be commiserate ? I am still waiting for the result so I don't know. I am not a natural performer...I tried to steer away from drama and dancing when I was at school. I also find counting very difficult as I don't get the beat. Though I try to make up by sheer hard work, going to the piano exam was very scary.

Edited to say: I have just had the email from ABRSM. I passed grade 5. I even passed my aural but only just but there's no shame in that, is there ?


Mel said...

Great title for the layout and I LOVE butterflies!

Alix said...

oooh i love this LO...and good luck!

Sian said...

It's beautiful! And best of luck with that result :)