Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Exam fever

J finish school at lunch time today after which he is officially on study leave. He starts GCSE tomorrow afternoon with English. A nice gentle start, I think. On Monday it will be English Lit, followed by RS on Tuesday.  All three are long ( 2-2.5 hour) single papers so by Tuesday he would have finished 3 of his subjects. After that we have some biology, physics and chemistry and right at the end Latin and Greek. Both Latin and Greek requires 4 x 1 hour papers...a bit over the top, I think!

He is thinking about what he wants to do. He is fascinated with The Apprentice. He likes to talk about his business ideas. They are not worth repeating...mostly they are a good laugh at dinner time. I think he might turn out into a businessman.

I had to record this period of his's "You have a plan".

 I initially did this layout as a tutorial on IACW...You don't need patterned paper.


Lizzie said...

Lovely page, Ifa - made me smile. We have a "mad professor" here, who regularly makes mealtimes into a merry occasion, with his mad and fun plans and ideas.

Good luck to J. with his exams. I'm sure he's well-prepared and has studied hard, but a bit of "luck" with the exam questions, the weather, health etc is always to be welcomed!
My lad is working towards his GCSEs. He starts most of his courses next year, but this year has been doing maths and sciences already. No idea if he'll sit them early, but it's good to get on with it.
So, we will have all this exam stuff over the next 2 years, then the A levels ... oh joy!

Sian said...

Oh, very very best of luck to him! It sounds like our house - we have one potential lawyer and one potential busines woman..

It's AS Levels here..

debs14 said...

I'm Assistant to the Exams Officer at our school so I see the other side of things! I do feel sorry for the students though as I see them registering outside the exam hall and then silently walking in. I do wish him lots of luck and hope that all the questions that he hopes for come up!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful LO, Ifa (as always!). Good luck to him - and don't laugh too hard at dinner at his ideas - many of the best inventions/companies/products were laughed at in their initial stages ;) Love to you all through the exam period - I remember how stressful it can be.