Tuesday, 23 April 2013

First Year of Beekeeping

We are beekeepers. I might have mentioned that before.

We picked up our first Nuc ( short for Nucleus ) of bees around this time last year. Since then, one hive has become two.  Whilst Hive number two is prosperous and industrious, Hive number one has never quite taken off, besieged by leadership problems; Queen Bee the first, in her introduction cage, dropped to the bottom of the hive and got killed by a cold spell, Queen Bee the second was successfully introduced but after a few weeks, disappeared, we think accidentally squished by the bee keepers and now in the reign of Queen Bee the third who hasn't laid a single egg, the population is understandably declining.  What do we do ? We've ordered Queen Bee the fourth. I am expecting the post any minute now.

We love watching the bees returning to their hives, especially when they return with pollen.  Both A & I have spent time in front of the hives trying to photograph them. Our photos are not great because the camera is behind a mesh fencing...we ought to find a "better for photographs" site for the bees but we cannot move them further than three foot.

Here's one layout I made with one of those photos, published recently in Scrap365. Those yellow/orange balls attached to the back legs of the bees are full pollen sacs. That is a good indication that the Queen Bee is producing...you guessed it, from Hive number two.

Bee keeping was something A & I have thought of doing for a few years. Glad we finally took the plunge. Are you thinking of picking up something new ?  I wonder, what is stopping you ?


Sian said...

Wow, you are brave! This is a gorgeous page..soft, but with a hint of the strength of the bees at the same time

Sandi Robinson said...

Ditto what Sian said! I'm allergic to bee stings & puff up like a balloon if stung, so I'm always a little nervous around bees. Such a shame as I find them fascinating & would've loved to try my hand at beekeeping to! I can't wait to hear about your progress with QB4! This LO is just gorgeous...love it!! :D

Mel said...

Love this layout - the hexagons work so well with it. My dad went to bee keeping lessons but never got any. I like that the phrase queen bee has such true origins!

debs14 said...

I would love to keep bees. Good luck with the new Queen!

alexa said...

What a perfectly lovely page ... Love your lacy addition which belies the stingy nature of bees! The hexagons work perfectly and I love the cluster of little ones.

Ali said...

I saw this in the magazine and it blew me away....now I have read the story I am in even more enthralled :0) Love the hexagons...Cameo??? V jealous if so!! Another stunner with a sting in the tail ....sorry too good to resist ;0)

ps thank you for your kind words on the DT spot...to say I am excited beyond belief is an understatement!! x