Thursday, 19 September 2013

Cake Rota

I made this layout last autumn. I have only just had it back from Scrap365 last week, I had forgotten all about it.
Now that a new school year has started, the cake rota is a favourite discussion in our house.  J said, "We are trying to get a cake rota started in all our classes". "How many cake rotas is that ?". Well, they have 2 teachers for each subjects so that's six in total. Not all the teachers are popular, so maybe he will end up with three.
"The trick is to be placed at the end of the rota", he said. "Then usually the rota petered out". "We had a really nice rainbow muffin today", he added. 
"I need to bring in some cakes next Tuesday", said H.  Not a rota, but a birthday cake for everyone in Greek, all six of them!
I have joint the cake rota at work too.  Someone brings in cakes or chocolate on Tuesday for our departmental meeting.  I have been sampling the cakes so I felt obliged to join in.  Not sure yet when I am up but these brownies might be making an appearance. Another option is raspberry slices. We will see.
ps: I cut out those chevrons by hand.


alexa said...

That is a whole heap of careful cutting, Ifa - what patience and skill! I love the effect of the pretty paper underneath. Good luck with the cake rota and hoping there is lots of variety!

Mel said...

In the English department where I teach we have cake Fridays and the pressure is always on to outdo each other. They always demand fancy cupcakes from me! Love the chevrons on this page and can't believe that they were hand cut!

debs14 said...

Hand cut? Wow, you have patience - and a steady hand! Love the glimpse of pattern paper beneath the cut out.
We have cakes in the middle of each half term. Anyone that's had a birthday in the previous six weeks contributes.

Candace said...

Fabulous LO Ifa and such patience to hand cut all those cheverons