Thursday, 13 February 2014

Happy 23rd Anniversary

It is our wedding anniversary this weekend. A is whisking me away to London. We'll catch a show, go out for dinner and maybe enjoy revisiting some of our old haunts.

I made this layout for Scrap365 about a similar sojourn last year.

I made some embellishments using Mod Melt. Have you tried it ? There is a whole article about it in the latest issue for Feb/March 2014.  Can you see my layout sneaking a peek on the front cover ?

It took a bit of practice to get those little beauties right so do persevere. Let me know if you have any particular never know, I might be able to help. 

Thank you for the prompt Kate. I should have said. The London skyline is clear sellotape by the lovely machine embroider Tobyboo. She told me she freehands all her design on the sewing machine. I met her at a fair in Battersea Park. On checking out the link above, I see she is starting to stock at John Lewis.  Lucky girl! 


Kate said...

Is the London skyline a washi tape? Can you tell me who makes it. I love the page by the way!


Sian said...

Happy Anniversary!

It's on my list of things to try