Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Where Are You Heading ?

What starts the thinking process for a layout ? For me, it is always an idea. The idea for this layout begins with the "airport board listing" paper. "Where are you going ?", it said to me. Literally, that could have been a holiday destination whilst "where are you heading ?", is more open ended. Perfect title for a layout about a young man who is thinking about what he wants to do! 

His university applications are in.  Good thing too, right ?  Otherwise it would have been late by a couple of weeks. He has 2 offers requiring top grades, 1 really good one for insurance but he is still waiting on two places he would like to end up at. Hope he likes where he gets to.


Sian said...

Do you know, I was just thinking about you and your university application process this morning when I posted my page about Edinburgh! I've got my fingers crossed for you

Nathalie said...

I love this page! Love its meaning, its design and your choice of photo! I feel like I have missed out on your beautiful pages by not stopping by more often!

alexa said...

Brilliant background for what you want here and it looks wonderful. On, this is such a stressful time and I remember it well - sending you all best wishes for every success,