Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Away in Northumberland

We went away for a long weekend in Northumberland. We stayed at the Old Smokery in Seahouses and managed to visit Lindisfarne, Alnwick and Hadrian's Wall. The weather was dreadful but we were all kitted out for walking so stayed warm and dry. I took loads of photos and managed to fill up my memory card right in the middle of Alnwick Garden.We couldn't resist stopping by to see the Angel of the North on the way home. By now, the sky has brightened up considerably and didn't he look amazing against the blue sky.

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Samantha said...

When me and my family travelled to Northumberland a few years we visited Hardian's Wall and went across to Lindisfarne to visit the churches and of course to buy some of the sought after mead! I always remember the guy who drove us there saying that you will get trapped on the island after a certain time when the tide comes in as it covers the only road leading back to the mainland. We had a great time, and I have many fond memories of the place and the caravan site in Berwick where we stayed for the week.