Wednesday, 4 August 2010

and Sevilla completed our trip...

We also had to do Sevilla. We set off early one morning. As we drove pass Gibraltar, I couldn't help commenting on how grey the sky always is, over this little spot on the Costa del Sol. Actually, to begin with, it was a slightly grey day over Sevilla too.

This is a view from the Giralda. It was a long way up. Fortunately you walk up ramps rather than steps. Can you see the river ? Do you know that Christopher Columbus ( Christobel Colon ...cue the laughter from my guys! ) set sail down this river on his journey to discover the Americas.

I didn't like the cathedral very much. Apparently it is in the Guiness Book as being the largest cathedral in the world. That is is but it is also squat and unattractive. I am not sure Columbus was even buried there! I think, this is a rare attractive angle to the cathedral showing the Giralda. I thought the Giralda looks remarkably similar to the minaret at the Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakesh. It turned out, they had the same architect.

After the cathedral, we walked around the shops, had coffee, stopped at a pastry shop ( though I elected to forego as I had too much churros in Marbella yesterday ) before visiting the Alcazar. I like this place better.

Can you spot the fake frontage ? Quite remarkable.

But those churros thought me a lesson in not to be too boys are getting thoroughly fed up waiting for me LOL.

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Sharon said...

Oh Ifa, I have great memories of Sevilla - went with my hubby and a couple of friends in 2006. We went to the Alcazar absolutely lovely! We did a trip down the river as well and ate tapas at one of the lovely restaurants on the riverside! Sigh!!