Friday, 13 August 2010

We rode on Fourteen or was it thirteen ?

Imagined our surprise to see Thirteen that we rode yesterday is now called Fourteen. Alton Towers renamed their new roller coaster because it is Friday the 13th. They have replaced all the labels on the shop and coaster just for one day. They even had some limited edition Fourteen mugs and t-shirts. Personally, I think the 13 inserted into the word works better in Fourteen because it is missing an I in Thirteen.
Sadly, we didn't get the photo. J said, "Nope, we are not getting that. I don't look good in it." LOL. He has actually been excellent in posing for the photos. Whilst we were all screaming down a steep fall, J retained his composure and smiled. We bought the photos in digital format on USB bracelet. I did try to ask what quality the photos would be ( to general laughter from my family ) but they "photographer" thought I was mad. Here are a couple from our family favourite rides.

You were not expecting Nemesis, were you ?

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