Monday, 9 August 2010

Does Kraft = Lack of Sunshine ?

I looks like that for me! I did 2 layouts last week and ended up using Kraft as the background to both.

I printed some photos for H to put in his minibook and had a couple left over from his ski trip...that went into "First Ski Trip". H had a great time and will probably want to go again ( as opposed to J who vowed never again! ). Everything was great except the monotonous meals at the hotel, soup for lunch and pasta for dinner. H usually loves pasta and soup but, everyday ? He had enough by the end of the week.

Next, a layout with a photo. I wanted to record my musical milestone but didn't have a photo of me handy so I opted to go without. I am scrabbling about on the piano trying to play a jazz piece that was a grade 5 exam piece a couple of years ago. It is marked "easy relaxed tempo", 1 crochet = 76 beats/minute. Eeek...if I could play it at 50/minute I would be happy. I am so struggling moving my left hand up and down the keys and finding big chords. I am also playing a Rondo, "this is proper Mozart", said Jenny but that ended up being ok. Well, I have all holiday to practise.


Sian said...

Ifa, it's great to hear that you are keeping up the piano playing..Grade 5 is not to be sneezed at!

Kathy said...

love the musical layout

Gail said...

Kraft is a great background colour, really makes colours pop

Alison said...

Ifa, your layouts always amaze me. So much space, but little bits of lots of interesting things on there - I particularly like the musical one. Good luck with playing the piece!