Thursday, 16 May 2013

BadgeIt Badges

I took my BadgeIt machine to The Retreat to make some badges in class. Unfortunately, the BadgeIt is intended for the toy market and did not stand up to heavy use in class, what with the heavy MME patterned paper we were using.

Sarah very kindly replaced my machine and now I am more cautious as to what I stick through my machine.  Actually, I was so cautious I have not made any badges since The Retreat LOL until I saw a mention of it on Facebook by Debbie and Ruth {hello wave}.

I pulled out my machine and made these "Birdie" badges. 

I was so cautious, I grabbed some graph papers from J for the base of the badges. I started by typing up some "bird" text before stamping a little bird. What do you think ? Quite a restraint and neutral look for me ? 

What badges have you made ?  I would love to see.


Mel said...

I wish I had a badge maker as I love adding flair to my layouts. These are very cute!

alexa said...

I don't have a badge maker either but I think these are just lovely ...