Monday, 8 September 2008

Dreadful weather

What dreadful weather we are having in the UK right now! Did you have flooding in your area ? If so, my thoughts are with you. We are fortunate that our house is on higher grounds here but our village has been known to be completely cut out due to flood water. Here's hoping there won't be a repeat this year.
My little boy has just started doing rugby at school. I guess at the mention of rugby in school, I need to qualify that with "contact". He has played tag rugby before now but in Year 5, the school starts the boys on the real rugby. Last week lessons concentrated on falling safely to the ground and included rolling in the mud. He had rugby on Wed, Thur and Fri and we didn't have enough time to clean the games kit every day. So what do you do ? I sent him to school covered in muddy jersey! This week he starts rugby after school club on Monday as well. EEEK!
I am going to leave you with some layouts from the summer. I guess these photos might seem like long-gone memories but we were fortunate to have some good weeks.

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