Monday, 1 September 2008

First of September, first of many things.

Did you remember to do the "first day of school" photos this morning ? That is if your kids went back this morning. If not, then this acts as a reminder for later on in the week. My boys went back this morning and now the house feels empty ( and very quiet! ). I managed to get them to stand in this very same spot for their photos this morning. They didn't grumble too much either.

I try to get the photos done at the same spot because the bricks also act as a marker as to how tall they are getting. In the one above from the last school year, the photo on the left was first day and on the right, last day. See how the over-large uniform has grown on him! I had to send him to school in the same blazer this morning as the 2-sizes-larger blazer that I ordered is still in transit with Royal Mail somewhere.

So what have you got planned now the kids are back at school ? I have many projects planned in my head and so many photos to scrap. I am also planning on pulling out an "old" quilting project that has been work in progress for more than 13 years. Maybe this year I will finish it! But more achievable will be going back on Wii Fit. I have had a long break since our Wii had to go back to Nintendo for a spot of cleaning(of the laser head ). The cleaning didn't take long but school holidays followed...

Today is also my first day on the Design Team. I am really excited about making new scrapping friends in Malaysia and South East Asia. This will also provide me with the perfect opportunity to scrap old photos from back home.

It is also the first of Ramadhan, so happy fasting if you are. I really miss being able to go to the "warong"s to buy food for "buka puasa". I will be blog-stalking some Asian friends to see what food they are serving up.

And lastly, not quite from today but yesterday, we hid our first geocache...yay!


Jane said...

Hi Ifa
My your lads have grown. Good luck in your new DT.

Wati Basri said...

happy fasting to u too!

Chowchow said...

Hi there Ifa. Welcome aboard joining the SNC team. Hope you wiln enjoy your time with us. Yup the Ramadan bazaars here arewicked when they are serving up the food. Plenty of yummy stuff. May you have a blessed fasting month.

Michelle aka chowchow

Anonymous said...

Gosh the boys do look very grown up and smart in their uniforms Ifa:)

We both wish you well in your new DT position and look forward to seeing your work.

Lorraine & Janice