Tuesday, 30 September 2008

A Disney weekend

The boys' had Monday off school last week due to teachers' training. This date usually coincides with H's birthday so we try to go away for a long weekend. The weekends have tended to be a surprise for the boys. One year we loaded up the car with bikes, went to school to pick up and told the boys we were going for a bike ride. One hour later, J said, "This is a bit far for a bike ride" as we drove in to Elveden Forest.
This year we went to Disneyland in Paris. Initially we booked to go on Eurostar but due to the fire in the tunnel, we had to drive and took the ferry instead. (It wasn't a suprise trip though because the boys now have very eagle eyes.)

This is a photo of us at Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. The show was very corny but fun. We thought Annie Oakley's character was a waste of space though. Disney layouts to follow...

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