Thursday, 2 October 2008

Let there be music

I was summoned to go see J's piano teacher back in June. She was not happy with the progress he was making...he has been "sitting" on a single piece of music for a whole term. I was frustrated and coupled with the shame of being told my son was not putting in the effort at school, made this layout.

I think he was disheartened because he felt that the Bach piece he was given was sooo difficult. The piano teacher assured me that he's more than capable and he needed to up his game to make grade 5. Fortunately the long summer holidays arrived and we had plenty of time for music practise. Those paid off and this week, he was given his grade books. I am delighted and I think he is starting to believe.


Sue said...

Gorg!! :) Have left you a blog award on my blog

jakey said...

My boy plays guitar, and he gets SO frustrated when he can't conquer something - it's the end of the world until it 'clicks'... lol

Well done to your son for persevering, and to you for offering encouragement. Lovely Lo's on your blog :-)

jk x