Wednesday, 15 October 2008


From time to time, H will look through his Dangerous Book for boys for new things to do. This week, he was inspired to try the suggestion for preparing conkers. H collected, baked and painstakingly prepared these conkers as shown in "the book". We managed to persuade him that soaking the conkers in vinegar will not add to the strenght of the conkers. He then tied them up in a bunch and I couldn't resist a photo.
He's had fun sharing these conkers with his friends but no such unorthodox preparation are allowed at the World Conker Championship in Aston, a village down the road from us. At the championship, you are issued with conker to fight with and it is all down to technique, apparently. What fun!

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jakey said...

Oh, how lovely to see your boy doing 'proper' kid things! I remember my own conker days well, lol!

Cute photo! you'll have fun scrapping that ;-)

jk x