Thursday, 9 October 2008

A happy accident

Well, here's the first of the Disney layouts. I had been worried that the boys might be too old for Disney but I needn't have, we all loved it, adults included! But meeting and seeing Mickey was still the highlights of our trip ( besides the sick-inducing roller coasters! ).
Ok, that's the story of the layout. But what was accidental about it ? I started the layout by cutting the scallop matting, stuck it down, stuck the lace paper down followed by the two photos. I then added a circle frame using the sewing machine. I then put it down to do school pickup, homework, dinner etc. H saw it and said, "If you add two small circles at the top you'd have a Mickey". I hadn't seen that at all and promptly cut out some templates to work out scale before adding the said ears on my sewing machine. What do you think ? I love it but more than that I am delighted my little boy took an interest in my work. Do you think this scrapbooking lark is rubbing-off ?

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Joanne said...

Love this layout. My son loved scrapbooking next to me until he got to about 13 and he now wont even admit he liked it ;(