Tuesday, 21 October 2008

My fabric CJ is home

My fabric circle journal has arrived home. This is a circle journal that I've been involved in on UKS with 9 other ladies. I've just been to pick it up from the PO this morning.
I am always excited to see what everyone has done and to be reunited with my "book". I made the cover and my entry back in November 2007 and almost did not recognise my own work. I am hoping to attach the pages and make these little work of fabric art into a book...soon. I have to confess though, even though I've enjoyed working on this circle journal, I don't think fabric is my medium. I prefer paper! BTW, my circle journal is titled "Colours of the Tropics" which is why everything is really bright. Thank you everyone for your beautiful work.
Theresa and MrsMcF
NettyB and Snipper

Fluffybee and Hillary78

Irboo and Lou

My cover and my entry.


Eleanor said...

Hi Ifa
Dropped by to see the journal, end of an era (a fabric one) but I shall be coming back here regularly to see your paper creations. There's so much inspiration in your work.

Joanne said...

Gotta to say I love yours.