Wednesday, 10 August 2011

10 for the Tenth


one..I had a lie in.
two...the sun is shining but not too much.
three...the boys are playing, together, with good humour. fingers are truly distressed from doing a lot of stamping. David Austin's William Shakespeare roses are unashamedly beautiful
six...the spring bulbs are arriving in shops
seven...J is cooking Chicken Pie and Chocolate Mousse for dinner.
eight...I wondered if I will survive the 3 hours kayaking tour in Copenhagen.
nine...I am reflecting on how things have gone the last few weeks and yet,
ten...I still have school shoes to buy and my MOT to arrange


Queenie said...

Hi Ifa,
I love to lie in when i can sadly not today up at 4.30am for work..eek.
Enjoy your dinner tonight,have you done the Kayaking yet?
I remember the days of buying school shoes..hope the shops aren`t too busy.
Have a great day.

Sheena said...

Oooh I love school holiday lie ins too Ifa x

Connie said...

I did too!! {lie in}

Katie said...

Great list to show a snapshot of life right now :-)

Sian said...

Lie ins are one of the best things about the holidays :)

We have a Sixth Form blazer to buy. If they have one with long enough arms!

Kerry said...

Oh yes the school shoes. I have that to do aswell. Good luck x