Monday, 1 August 2011

An Event Full year

We were at Cambridge Folk Festival yesterday. It is a very well attended event and for the last two years, when we saw people going to it, often wondered why we didn't have tickets. So this year, well prepared, A bought tickets before they were sold out.

It was fun, the weather was kind and we had a very chill out Sunday. Though the same couldn't be said of the Monday! A has sun burn on his feet whilst H and I are aching all over from sitting down/laying on the picnic blanket. Haven't heard a complaint from J yet, so he might have escaped unharmed.

On Friday we were at Newmarket for horse racing followed by a concert by The Wanted. We enjoyed the races, picking a horse and cheering for it. I picked a horse called Jubilance in the third race. Here they were riding out to the starting line.

And then a hundred yard to the finish line, they were a touch ahead.

But sadly they came second by 3/4 length.

Last half term, we saw RSC's Macbeth at Stratford-upon-Avon. That was an outstanding production but there were at least four bored audience.

In the Easter holidays, we saw Gadget Show Live at the NEC. That was truly in the spirit of the show on tv, so my guys enjoyed it. I would say, I tolerated Suzi!

In February half term, we saw Maurizio Pollini at the Festival Hall. He played 3 of my favourite Schubert's Sonatas. I said to J, "Aren't you impressed ? He is playing three whole sonatas from memory ?" To which he answered,"But mummy, he has been playing them for at least 50 years!" J and I enjoyed the recital whilst H and A dozed off.

At Christmas, we saw English National Ballet's Nutcracker. I think we were all reluctant audience for this one. J asked,"Is this the one with the giant rats?" We didn't know but I don't know how he knew. Probably something he saw in his youth, with school perhaps ?

In September we saw England play Hungary on our first trip to Wembley. That was great, somehow helped by the many goals scored by the home team. In August we saw Jools Holland at Audley End's Picnic Concert. What a beautiful summer's evening.

And the point of me retelling all these ? J asked me, "Why do we have to do all these things ?", to which I replied,"Because you refuse to join in any school trips, I have to enrich your life."

I was prompted by Shimelle's Explore class when she prompted us to make a daily list. I have just extended my day a little LOL.


Sian said...

Sounds to me as if you are doing a very good job at "enrichment" (and creating a few lovely memories along the way)

alexa said...

What a lot of great and varied opportunities your family has had this year! A super list ...