Sunday, 7 August 2011

An Exploration of Colours

The prompt this week from Shimelle's Explore class was about colours and how we use it in our work. Sure, she also gave us permission to pretend we were comic book super heroes for a day. What colour costume should I make ? What should I call myself, conquering the laundry mountain ? Super mum ?

My favourite colours are blue, which I use both in my pages and I wear in copious quantity; red which I scrap with and used to wear a lot when I was younger; yellow which I work with happily and yet never wore. I love bright colours.

On my pages, I like a lot of contrasting colours. I don't really work with what goes rather more what clashes. This week I decided to try something different.

Here I have a photo of H in school uniform wearing black blazer, purple tie and white shirt. I don't like purple and it is unfortunate that the boys' school colour is purple. So I have used these colours and very small amount of patterned papers. I stamped some circles, added some purple watercolour with a cut out Basic Grey Out of Print in the middle. I even wrote with a purple pen. In my pallette of 8 water colours, purple is the one that is hardly used.

H was asked to represent school in the Time Spelling Bee competition. The school didn't do well overall so the layout doesn't mention results, merely "You might not often be invited to represent school at sports but at spelling you are very good. So proud of you when you replied "I'd love to" when Mr G asked you to be in the spelling bee."

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